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ELKO Yoga Thera Bands

ELKO Yoga Thera Bands

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ELKO exercise band comes in 3 different resistance levels - Light, Medium & Heavy. While Light (Pink) bands are perfect for beginners, Medium (Blue) & Heavy (Green) bands are designed for intermediate and Advance Training.


Ideal for Yoga, Pilates, Fitness Workout, Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, Stretching, Resistance Exercise, Physical Therapy and Mobility Training, You can take a couple wraps around your hands for more tension and a secure grip or just tie a knot to use as a Loop Band, and also You can double them up for even more resistance. The bands are Color-Coded, Once you are ready for a more challenging workout, You can move up to the next colour.


Our yoga bands are made of 100% Latex Free synthetic rubber and this makes the bands anti-allergic, odour-free, non-toxic & tear-resistance, this ensures your bands are soft, easy on the skin, comfortable and an eco-friendly product.


Our resistance yoga bands for exercise are lightweight and very easy to use. Portable design allows you to carry it with you where ever you go and does not take up much space. Now you can continue your exercise anywhere, home or hotel, gym or office, outdoor or indoor and so on.


Our 1.5 meter (5 ft) long, 5 inch wide resistance yoga bands can help you achieve a more effective full-body stretch and strengthen your workout than regular-sized bands.