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ELKO Yoga Blocks

ELKO Yoga Blocks

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Deeper poses

Allows you to achieve a more intense stretch without risking injury. Sink into the pose more conveniently by incorporating the yoga bricks into your routine and feel the difference.

Bring the ground closer

Don’t break your back trying to reach for the ground by getting into terrible form and ruining your alignment. Use the yoga bricks instead to create the length and bring the ground closer for a more enjoyable full-stretch.

Non-slip surface

Slip-resistant material for a secure hold and safe experience. Whether you want to pile one block on top of the other, or want to use a single block, you can rest assured that your grip will not be compromised.

Moisture-resistant & 100% non-toxic

Sweat-proof blocks that don’t absorb moisture, hence, preventing the growth of bacteria. Oduor-free and easy to clean and maintain. Made using non-toxic, environment friendly material.

Durable, Solid construction

Yoga blocks made from high-density EVA foam providing ultimate stability and reliable support. Long-lasting material won’t deform easily even under high-pressure. Ideal for prolonged use.

Beveled edges

Custom-designed for better results. Experience a firm, soft and ergonomic grip on your yoga blocks for a peaceful and satisfying yoga session.