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ELKO Grid Foam Roller

ELKO Grid Foam Roller

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About this item

Foam Rollers For Muscles:

ELKO High Density Foam Roller Is Great For Physical Therapy, Before Or After Exercise, Yoga, And Massage Therapy. The Texture Roller Helps To Relieve Muscles Tension And Increase Muscle Reflexology.

Foam Exercise Roller Helps Prevent Muscle Injury:

Perfect For Positioning, Balance, Postural And Muscle Re-education, Spinal Stabilization, Body Awareness And Coordination, Ranging And Strengthening Activities.

Ideal For Total Body Work:

This Massage Roller For Body Can Be Use To Work Out Kinks, Knots, Tight Muscles, Back Pain And Overall Soreness From Exercise And Fitness Activities (running, Weightlifting, Physical Therapy)

Helps In Stretching:

Stretch Overworked And Strained Muscles Of The Leg, Arms, And Feet By Rolling During Your Warm Up And Cool Downs With The Foam Roller For Exercise. It Provides Instant Benefit To The Hamstring, It Band, Glutes, And Calves By Delivering Superior Massages At Home Or In The Gym.

End Your Search For Yoga Roller:

Stop Searching For Tools And Equipment, This Is The Ultimate Back Roller For Back Pain, Stretching, Exercise And Balance Training. Apply Firm Therapeutic Pressure While Rolling Hard Muscles With This Classic Foam Roll.