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ELKO ULTRA II SS Stainless Steel Stethoscope

ELKO ULTRA II SS Stainless Steel Stethoscope

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Stainless Steel Dual Head Chest Piece:

The Elko stethoscope features a dual head chest piece made from the best quality 303 grade stainless steel. It is precisely machined for enhanced performance, durability, and accurate diagnosis. The chest piece includes an adult tunable diaphragm with a brass chrome plated ring, ensuring optimal sound transmission.

Comfortably Angled Chrome Plated Frame:

The frame of Ultra II stainless steel stethoscope is crafted from 5.5mm seamless brass pipe. Its anatomically correct angle ensures proper positioning in the ear canals, resulting in clear sound transmission. The frame tension is adjustable, allowing healthcare professionals to personalize the fit for prolonged use.

U-Shaped PVC Tubing: 

The Elko ULTRA II SS stethoscope is equipped with U-shaped latex-free PVC tubing, specially designed to provide high-quality sound transmission. The seamless PVC tubing retains its shape and flexibility even after being tightly folded into a pocket, minimizing the risk of stains and maintaining its reliability in various clinical settings.

Soft Sealing Ear Knobs:

Engineered with synthetic material, the stethoscope's soft sealing ear knobs offer superior comfort during examinations. When inserted into the ear canal, they create an excellent acoustic seal, effectively blocking out external noises and ensuring accurate auscultation. It is a perfect stethoscope for doctors, medical students, nurses and other medical professionals.

High Acoustic Sensitivity:

With its exceptional acoustic sensitivity, the Elko stethoscope allows healthcare professionals to detect subtle sounds and nuances. When the stethoscope head is placed on the patient, the vibrations from the patient's skin generate high acoustic pressure waves, enabling clear and precise auscultation.

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Laser Engraving

ELKO Healthcare offers a laser engraving service on all of our Stethoscopes. Because we recognize the value and quality of your tools we have invested in the highest quality equipment and technicians to give you probably the finest engraving service available in India (superior to our competitor’s more expensive efforts). The end result is an elegant, permanent, precision mark on the surface of the chestpiece, allowing you to show a little of your personality and, more importantly, deterring thieves and making it easier to retrieve your scope should you misplace it. The service does not delay your order and next day Shipping available.