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ELKO Healthcare

EL-850PC Unipod Walking Stick

EL-850PC Unipod Walking Stick

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Adjustable Height: 

The aluminium walking stick is also adjustable in height, with ten different height levels. This feature allows the user to set the crutch at the perfect height for their specific needs, providing optimal support and stability.

Anti-Rust Coating:

Elko's walking stick is finished with a black powder coating that provides a protective layer against rust and corrosion. This coating helps to ensure that the crutch remains in good condition, even with regular use.

Sturdy Base:

The base of the crutch is designed to be sturdy and supportive, with an anti-slip rubber unipod for added stability. This feature provides the user with a secure base for their weight, ensuring that they can move around without fear of slipping.

Lightweight and Portable:

Despite its sturdy construction, the elbow crutch/stick for walking support is lightweight and portable, making it easy to transport and store. This feature makes it an ideal choice for handicapped, injured or old aged people for use throughout the day.